Thursday, April 14, 2011

Russian Spiral Necklace

This is the newest jewelry piece for sale at my Etsy shop.  It is done in a Russian Spiral stitch with a clear denim blue size 8/0 seed bead and a smaller matte black diamond AB seed bead in a size 11/0.  That's beading talk for a larger clear denim blue bead and a smaller grayish bead with that really cool finish that makes all kinds of colors come out in the bead.  Swarovski has been doing it for years!  And speaking of Swarovski, the clasp is embellished with Swarovski crystals in a clear AB color, for a touch of bling. 

The Russian Spiral stitch makes for a very flexible necklace that really drapes beautifully when you wear it, and feels great to wear as well.  I made myself one in a matte denim blue and silver, and I wear it all of the time. 

You could wear this one with jeans or a suit.  It's a really versatile piece!