Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's new at my Etsy shop

I'm still debating about this whole blogging thing. It would work a lot better if I could just hook up the computer to my brain directly, so I could write whenever the thoughts enter my brain, which is actually quite often. I'm just terrible at sitting down at the computer to do the real writing! Perhaps now that I have hired myself a real, live web technician to help with a lot of the work I hate to do, related to actually getting my created items up for sale at Art by Andrea, I can work on more frequent blogging. Yeah, yeah, yeah... My web tech, Abraham, is very motivated and a quick learner, so he's actually been spurring me into a real work mode around here. But the kind of work I have to do, rather than the creative stuff I like to do. Consequently, there are a lot of new items for sale on my Etsy shop: blank notecards with an old world Italian style, new photos, new jewelry, cheaper photos, cheaper jewelry, and lots more coming on a very frequent basis. Sooooo, check out my shop, and have everyone you know check out my shop!!!

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