Saturday, October 10, 2009

It hapens every August

Well..... this is the entry I wanted to write in late August. And, actually, in a way, I did write it. In my head. It just never journeyed from my head onto paper, as we used to say. August here in the Portland, Oregon area is almost always a gorgeous month. It's warm, even hot, but the nights are getting just a bit cooler. And then one beautiful morning, you walk outside into the sunshine and blue skies and late summer flowers, and there is a definite feel of 'autumn in the air'. That crisp edge to the air that signals that summer is coming to an end. And here in the Pacific NW that means 'grab the sun while you can'! In the eastern part of our country, fall is a glorious and beautiful season. The colors are spectacular, and the weather is sunny and dry, although cool. And this year we have been treated to more than our usual share of that gorgeous weather, and I for one have really been loving it!

Back in the Saddle Again

Literally, that is. And let me tell you how my thighs felt about that after a 30 year hiatus! Definitely not happy, shall we say? For about 10 days or so.....And on I rode, and I'm still riding twice a week right now. And now my thighs don't hurt anymore and I can use them again! And my arm muscles have healed after a 'tug of war' session with a handsome young 4 year old named Houdini, who is green broke (or early into elementary school for you non-horse folks). He's going to be a good boy, eventually. And now that I'm riding again, I'd like to do it regularly. It's a part of my life from the 'before time'. For many years when we lived in Pennsylvania, horses were my passion, a very serious passion. And I even did some riding up at H.P.A. in Kamuela, on the big island of Hawaii, during my last two years of high school. But when I went to college, the riding stopped. And then recently, fortune and my husband intervened to get me back riding again. Bless his ever-lovin' soul! However, at the end of October, Houdini is moving to his permanent home in Jewel, Oregon, which is about an hour from here, toward the coast. So, I obviously need another plan, if I'm going to keep riding on a regular basis. One that will actually fit into my already busy life. Stay tuned!