Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Making of an Art Card - Part 3

There came a day when I just knew that the captain of my Etsy team, 'It's A Madcap Life', needed a little surprise lift via the postal elephant, as I like to call our US Postal Service. So I set my creative wheels in motion to make her an art card. And it wasn't long before I had a plan...

But first, a little background. A'esha, our beloved captain, has an Etsy shop (duh!) called The Madcap Heiress, where she sells jewelry inspired by iconic beautiful women, and fashion look books. She is a tour de force when it comes to dressing women fashionably. And when I have a fashion question, I throw it over to her.

So... my plan was to turn the card into a little shop called the Madcap Heiress.

Now obviously, the front of the card needed to be the outside of the shop.  So I dug through my templates until I found a template called Basic Wallpaper from www.fairytalecreations.com, that I use to create brick exteriors. And with a variety of brownish chalks and cotton balls, I chalked in the brick on the front of the card. Then, using their Chalk Talk 2 template, I created the front door, on a separate piece of cardstock, with yellow chalks. A sparkly dot for a door knob, a rose sticker above the door window and an open sign completed the front door.
Then it was on to the sign. For this I dug out a fabulous tag template called 15 Lovely Labels from Hot Off The Press, available at www.paperwishes.com . I love this template! I use it all the time to make wonderful layered tags and labels. And voila! A sign for the shop.
Then the inside. I knew I had these little paper packs of embellishments called Pretty by Artsy Collage. And I've looked at them enough over the years that I also knew that they had exactly the items I was looking for to put in this shop, beautiful Victorian era fashion items. So I carefully cut them all out.
Every single item inside the shop came from that pack, even the beautiful quote, and the decorative umbrella left by a customer outside the shop. I did add some aluminum foil to the picture frame to change it into a mirror. I even had the cork paper for the walls behind the shelves! And by angling the shelves, instead of cutting them in a rectanglular shape, the perspective is much better and looks much more realistic.
I must admit, I think this was the easiest and quickest art card I've ever made!  

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