Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Kid's Mom (that is ... A Mom Kids Would Love To Have!)

The upcoming holidays have me in a blogging good spirit, so here we go! I have a few articles running around my brain for your reading amusement. But first, since it's Halloween  time, I have to tell you about a friend/ business associate of mine. A little background on her first....
She's a mom and divorced, something many of us can relate to. She also has her own online business, a new life with a man she loves, who had to move the family because of his job. Oh, and there's an ex in there too. And.... she is a walking/talking medical mystery, which makes her day to day life rather challenging.

Now check out what she did for her little girl's Halloween week school wardrobe! Is this one lucky child or what? These outfits are so totally cool! And mom actually spent the time to make these cute skirt and tops, which doesn't really surprise me, I must admit. This child is almost always dressed in something totally awesome, made by her mom.

Are these just the cutest pumpkin and candy corn outfits you've ever seen? I sure think so!  And these are just the warm up to the main event.....

Are you ready? I give you Snow White!


Is the a gorgeous costume or what? And totally handmade of course. I sew, and I used to make my boys Halloween costumes, many of which I've saved. But this Snow White costume really takes the cake from my point of view! Filmy netting, glittery sleeve insets.... All I can say is,"WOW!"

Now if you'd like to have a little of this talented mom's creativity for your special little girl, you're in luck! You can find Kim's fabulous, creative work at her online Etsy shop, The Joyful Princess Boutique at Kim is always creating wonderfully creative girly items for her daughter, so please go check out her shop!

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  1. <3 You! This brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart! You too are amazing my friend, and I am so fortunate to have you in my life! Thank you for sharing my handmade goodies with your readers. <3