Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Literally, that is. And let me tell you how my thighs felt about that after a 30 year hiatus! Definitely not happy, shall we say? For about 10 days or so.....And on I rode, and I'm still riding twice a week right now. And now my thighs don't hurt anymore and I can use them again! And my arm muscles have healed after a 'tug of war' session with a handsome young 4 year old named Houdini, who is green broke (or early into elementary school for you non-horse folks). He's going to be a good boy, eventually. And now that I'm riding again, I'd like to do it regularly. It's a part of my life from the 'before time'. For many years when we lived in Pennsylvania, horses were my passion, a very serious passion. And I even did some riding up at H.P.A. in Kamuela, on the big island of Hawaii, during my last two years of high school. But when I went to college, the riding stopped. And then recently, fortune and my husband intervened to get me back riding again. Bless his ever-lovin' soul! However, at the end of October, Houdini is moving to his permanent home in Jewel, Oregon, which is about an hour from here, toward the coast. So, I obviously need another plan, if I'm going to keep riding on a regular basis. One that will actually fit into my already busy life. Stay tuned!

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