Monday, March 26, 2012

The Making of an Art Card - Part2

I will now write this article for the second time!  The first one disappeared, except for the title.  Sooo, ya'll want to see how this card finished up and what techiniques and gizmos I used? Here we go!

The tag and butterflies were both made with Martha Stewart punches; her products are very high quality and I just love them.  The tag was made using one of her Punch Around the Page sets. You get two punches, one for the corner and one for the side. She tells you the measurements for various tag sizes that will work with this set, which makes it very easy to use.  I then inked the tag with colors to match and added the Happy Birthday vellum tag last.  The glitter on the butterflies is also Martha Stewart, along with her glitter glue, which has a pinpoint tip making precise application so easy.

Next the inside. What to do?

First I added the strip of Color Me Resist paper to match the front.  Then I sat and looked at it for a couple of weeks before I received the necessary inspiration to continue work!  I added the butterflies from a stencil I had.  I used oil pencils to color them because I really like the way you can blend their colors.  They are softer than graphite-based colored pencils.  In fact, I freeze them to sharpen them because they are so soft. (Doesn't everybody have colored pencils in their freezer?)  Then I looked at things some more.

The butterflies seemed lonely and needed something.... And then I found another stencil, with swirls and leaves, and I thought silver might be a good color. So I began the process of carefully inking them into the background areas, using sticky-notes and painter's tape to avoid inking over top of the butterflies.

Then for an inside sentiment.  I saw something similar in an art program I have, but I couldn't the change colors to suit myself.  So I made the tag from scratch, layering text boxes over top of each other to get the desired result. 

And voila! An art-style birthday card for my sister, who usually doesn't read my blog.  Her birthday isn't until later this month, so I'm kind of counting on that fact! 

Stay tuned for my next art card adventure.  It will be a 'thinking of you' style card.

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