Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art Cards

One of the many creative endeavors I enjoy is making art cards for those near and dear to me.  I haven't actually bought a greeting card in so many years I've lost count!  The sentiments don't work for me; I think many of them are really lame, particularly birthday cards.  It all started....well, I guess I forget.  Except that my Mom has been making homemade cards since I was a very little girl.  And that was before people actually did stuff like that!  She made them on the shirt cardboards that came in my Dad's shirts from the drycleaners.  So perhaps this is genetic?  Works for me.

Here are two cards I made recently.  On both of them I have used Pergamano parchment paper, pierced, embossed, used white ink on the embossed areas prior to embossing, and then added some finishing details with Martha Stewart punches.  The fan on the left card was rather labor intensive, and it sat for awhile, until I decided it would make a wonderful Mother's Day card this year.  The card on the right was a get well card for a very special lady.  The floral design was traced in white ink and then embossed.  Next came the paper piercing, and then I added those great 3D butterflies. Thanks Martha!

I have more cards to share in the near future, so stay tuned to this bat channel!  And hopefully I will figure out some better lighting techniques which will show the details better.

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